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“Simply said, Erin is awesome. She works extremely hard and puts in as much as it takes to get the job done. She has an excellent feel for what is real to the media and she has THE backbone to effectively manage executive perception so that time and resources aren't wasted pursuing hopeless bets. She gives organizations the best chance for success in the media.”

Scott Fingerhut, Former Sr. Director, WW Marketing Strategy & Services, TIBCO Software 

“Erin is knowledgeable, honest and exceptional at giving C-level executives the best counsel and execution to achieve their business goals. Erin's business acumen and media insight help her formulate and deliver the perfect communication strategy. She has the connections to open all the right doors. She is tenacious in her approach and rarely takes no for an answer! To top it off, Erin has a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to have on your team. If you want to hire one of the best, getting Erin to work with you should be your top goal.” 


Phillip Tree hired Erin as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Erin more than once

“Erin is one of the smartest, most creative and most talented leaders I have worked for. She thinks outside the box, implements creatively, and gets results. Erin is a team player who encourages people to solve problems by looking at the problem/challenge, not just do what has always been done. Erin is a rock star in the business world.”


Shirley Schroedl, Former Industry Analyst Relations, Symbol Technologies

“I worked with Erin extensively while I served as CMO at Symbol Technologies (now Motorola Enterprise Mobility Division). Erin has outstanding PR and communications skills. She is both a team leader and an outstanding team partner. I have seen Erin handle difficult public relations, executive communications, and corporate communications challenges while also serving as an excellent role model for the rest of the organization. I highly recommend Erin for any environment in need of a strong advisory communications professional as well as a hands-on contributor.”

Phil Juliano, Chief Marketing Officer at Mercury Systems

“Working with Erin is always productive. She has that rare talent to be both creative and grounded. In a world were fluff can overtake reality, Erin's ability to cut through to what is important is invaluable.”

Richard Lovell, Sr Director Master Black Belt, Enterprise Mobility, Motorola (Formerly Symbol Technologies)

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